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  • A Few of My Thoughts on the Health Care Crisis … Want to Share Yours?

    I had the privilege of delivering the keynote address earlier this year at the PMC/BIO “Evidence, Coverage and Solutions Summit” held in Washington, DC on April 17, 2013.  Here is an excerpt of my address published in the PMC Newsletter_Education + Advocacy – Fall 2013.
  • Celebrating a Heart Health Hero

    Celebrating A Heart Health Hero By Reed Tuckson, M.D. The heroes in our life rarely proclaim themselves with capes and theme music, and many of them live their lives without ever receiving the recognition they deserve. That’s why our America’s Health Rankings team works year round to recognize the often-unsung individuals who are making real differences in population health. September […]
  • National Health IT Week 2013

    National Health IT Week is an important opportunity to provide all of us with actionable information on using Health Information Technology to improve our health and health care, and at a lower cost. Whether we are health consumers, patients, health professionals, HIT experts, administrators of institutions, or policy leaders: we all have a stake in understanding the dramatic transformations in […]
  • HHS’s Request for Comments on Regulations for Research Needed to Improve Routine Patient Care

    Like many others (see signatures on the submitted statement, “CERIC HHS standard of care interventions 2013-09-09”), I am concerned about our lack of sufficient information about the absolute or relative effectiveness of routine medical care. We need a “learning health system” as my colleagues at the Institute of Medicine describe it: one that benefits from consistent performance data feedback, research, […]
  • Here Is a Terrific “Emergency Plan” Tool To Be Better Prepared For a Disaster

    I have had too many opportunities in my career as a physician to work with heroic health professionals and community agencies to address the health and social sequela associated with disasters. Preventable suffering from any cause must be addressed. That’s why I recommend this useful new tool  from HHS and FEMA that helps us to plan ahead. It only takes […]
  • Follow These Tips To Boost Your Brainpower!

    Your brain health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to your overall well-being.  Your brain is the control tower responsible for thinking, feeling, communicating, regulating body functions and so much more. It’s important enough for you to want it to be in its best shape all the time. So is there a way to make your […]