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  • I Urge Child Health Service Researchers to Attend an Important Upcoming Conference

    On February 5, I’ll be speaking at AcademyHealth’s inaugural National Child Health Policy Conference (NCHPC) in Washington, DC. A forum for the latest issues in child health, the NHCPC will address how to best leverage policy, research, and practice to improve and advance the health of children. Plenary presentations and breakout sessions will cover topics including opportunities and threats to child health insurance, the […]
  • “Your Health” Tip for November: YOU Are Your Lifestyle … It’s a Simple Truth!

    Take a quick inventory of how you live: your behaviors, attitudes, and habits. Guess what you’ll discover? Essentially, how you live is how you feel. If you don’t feel as well as you’d like, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes. So, how do you improve the health of your lifestyle? Start by looking in the mirror. Who are you? […]
  • Urgent Call For Your Support For Public Health: Ignore At Your Peril!

    Our nation’s public health workers work tirelessly, and usually anonymously, to protect and promote our health. They deserve not only our thanks, but also our support. There are difficult budget decisions confronting our nation, states and communities. Unless we are very vocal in our advocacy for public health research and practice, this vital national resource will not only be taken […]
  • Looking For a Good Yardstick to Judge the Quality of Healthcare … Check These Two Books Out!

    To Err Is Human  was the seminal publication that ushered in the safety movement thirteen years ago. Taken together with  Crossing the Quality Chasm report a year later, not only has awareness been raised, but a practical strategic road map was formed, which remains current today. I find it to be a useful exercise to utilize these publications as a yardstick […]
  • Push Forward

    That’s true, because once you get out there, and once you get started, you feel so happy that you did it. From the beginning I did pretty much force myself, but now I look forward to it. Now I just can’t wait to get up and get started. It’s just another way of starting my day in a positive way.
  • I’m Pleased to Announce My New Role on the Board of Neptune Technologies and Bioressources!

    I am excited to announce my new role as Board Member at Neptune Technologies and Bioressources, Inc., based in Laval, Quebec, Canada.  To learn more about Neptune, please read today’s press release, “Reed V. Tuckson, MD, Joins Neptune Board of Directors”.
  • I Know It’s Getting Colder Outside … Don’t Become a Couch Potato!

    With the colder temperatures coming upon us, we tend to go outside less frequently, which leads to more inactivity in front of our televisions and computers!  This reminds me that during the Autumn and Winter months, we are more likely to fall back into one of the most unhealthy practices we’ve gotten into as a country in the last half-century […]
  • Proactive Healthcare

    Our common humanity is often best expressed through the struggle to maintain or regain our health. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Elvin Malone, as well as an audio recording of our full conversation. Click here to submit your own healing story.  
  • Make the Decision

    You see your regular doctor twice a year, if you’re lucky, but you see yourself every single morning. It’s up to you to make that decision.