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  • Consumer Electronics Show 2014: My Interview with Dr. Pat Salber of Health Innovation Media

    During my recent attendance at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, I was interviewed by Dr. Pat Salber, co-founder of Health Innovaton Media.  Her colleague, Gregg Masters, CEO of, emailed me a copy of the newly published interview by Dr. Salber titled, “CES 2014: A Deep Dive with Reed Tuckson, MD”. I hope you find the interview interesting. […]
  • Don’t let a simple procedure intimidate you

    The third deadliest cancer in America is colorectal cancer, and over half of all colorectal cancer deaths can be prevented with a colonoscopy. This simple procedure is painless and can help doctors detect cancer. If you are over 50, let Dr. You take control of your health and get a colonoscopy.
  • Becoming heart healthy

    Cardiovascular disease is often called the silent killer, as there are no symptoms. Dr. You can help prevent it by knowing your numbers — blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides — eating a plant-based diet with lean protein, minimizing sodium, and getting at least 150 minutes a week of physical activity. You can become heart healthy.
  • IOM Releases New Synopsis on Data Harmonization for Patient-Centered Clinical Research

    For those interested in quickly grasping some key issues related to the important topic of how data can be better used to advance clinically relevant research, I am pleased to alert you to the release of a synopsis from the October 31- November 1, 2013 IOM/PCORI Workshop on Data Harmonization for Patient-Centered Clinical Research. This brief document summarizes the major themes […]
  • How do you feel today?

    Dr. You is the first person to know about your emotional well-being. Laughing, smiling, socializing with friends and family, maintaining a positive attitude and exercising are ways to reduce stress. The less stress in your life, the greater your life expectancy. It’s OK to be sad but if you find yourself not able to snap out of it, talk to […]
  • FasterCures Releases Workshop Report on Value and Coverage

    FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute, recently released an important report that will be of great interest to those who are concerned with getting value-based innovations into the delivery system. Value and Coverage: How Reimbursement Decisions Impact Innovations Needed to Improve Health,  articulates findings and recommendations from a workshop convened in July, 2013, at which I was pleased to […]
  • The U.S. Surgeon General’s Report Regarding the Health Consequences of Smoking

    On January 17, 2014, a new report was released titled, The Health Consequences of Smoking – 50 Years of Progress: A Report of the Surgeon General, 2014. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has as its goal to utilize the 50th Anniversary to refocus the nation’s attention on the urgent need to “end the tobacco epidemic for good”.  8 million people […]
  • Dr. You can control diabetes

    If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it can be frightening. The first step is to talk to your doctor about ways to help control the disease. The second step is to rely on Dr. You – educate yourself on the disease, manage your diet, stick to your medication regime and get physical activity throughout your day. You can control your […]
  • Pre-diabetes: No Symptoms

    Ninety percent of patients do not know they have pre-diabetes. If it goes on unchecked it can lead to full diabetes, which can trigger other health complications. Get a blood sugar test, and be sure to manage your diet and get regular exercise. These activities may reverse pre-diabetes and can help to prevent diabetes.
  • Manage your medications

    It’s important to always talk to your doctor about all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you’re taking. Your pharmacist can be helpful for information too. Your health care team provides you medications, but it’s ultimately up to Dr. You to manage appropriately.