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  • E-Cigarette Manufacturers Look A Lot Like Their Tobacco Industry Brothers

    I am concerned about the advertising trend to subtly target our youth with E-Cigarette products. Despite the claims of E-Cigarette manufacturers to the contrary, a recent ad campaign is pretty blatant and upsetting … see what The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is saying by reading their Unfiltered Tobacco Blog.
  • Helping You To Be Your Best Doctor In The Mirror … You Are What You Eat!

    If you want to be healthy, simply consume healthy food and beverages in appropriate amounts … right? Well … not so fast. We all know there are numerous barriers out there to eating right. Barriers such as the relatively inexpensive fast food available at nearly every busy intersection and throughout every mall. Sometimes it’s difficult to make healthy choices, especially […]
  • Safety in Numbers

    Getting vaccinated not only helps you, it decreases the risk that you’ll pass on germs to someone else. And vaccinations are not just for kids – many of the vaccinations we received as children have worn off, and some vaccinations prevent illnesses that come with age. Make an appointment with Dr. You to get your immunizations in order.
  • We Need Health Services Research More Than Ever!

    I am pleased to share with you AcademyHealth’s report, AHRQ: 15 Years of Transforming Care and Improving Health, which commemorates AHRQ’s 15th anniversary. In today’s health and medical care environment, knowing what preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions work to improve quality and that are cost responsible is essential! AHRQ has an extraordinary history of providing all health stakeholders with evidence-based […]
  • Take the ‘work’ out of workout

    Exercise can seem daunting, but all you have to do is move. Simply increasing your physical movement will help. Think of things you like to do — dancing, gardening, walking in the neighborhood — every bit counts. Fuel your activity with a healthy diet and prevent dehydration by drinking water. Your body will work better and you’ll feel better, too.