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  • Breaking News On Cigarettes: MORE Addictive … MORE Attractive … and MORE Deadly!

    The latest report from The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids titled “Designed for Addiction: How the Tobacco Industry Has Made Cigarettes More Addictive, More Attractive to Kids and Even More Deadly” confirms what some have suspected: today’s cigarettes are more addictive, more attractive to kids and more deadly than 50 years ago. Smokers today, including the 2.7 million kids throughout the United […]
  • Dr Tuckson @ Milken Institute

    A nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank, the Milken Institute believes in the power of capital markets to solve urgent social and economic challenges and improve lives.
  • Check Out the HHS Website: … AND Share It With A Friend!

    Check out the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services‘ website Be to learn more about the impact each of us can have to help decrease the number of tobacco smokers today! If we could help every smoker to stop smoking and keep young people from starting in the first place, the results would be staggering!  Click here or on the […]
  • Tips from HHS Concerning Your Summer Food Safety

    Now that we’ve celebrated July 4th, the summer cooking season is in full swing! It’s never too late to practice food safety; so, as you prepare for the rest of this summer’s grilling, take a minute to read this article from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services titled “Think Food Safety When You Grill For a Cookout”.  In this […]