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  • Noteworthy New Report on Addressing the Quality of Genetic Care Delivery

    For many years, I had the privilege of serving on, and chairing, the Secretary of Health’s Advisory Committee on Genetics Health and Society, and its predecessor the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing. From this vantage point, I have been consistently concerned about how appropriately, and cost-effectively, genetic-based services are applied to improving human health. Health professionals and patients all […]
  • It’s Time to Move Faster in Maximizing the Use of Clinical Data to Improve Health

    While reading Modern Healthcare, I enjoyed this commentary, “The time is now for data-driven medicine, requiring elimination of regulatory relics”, from Joel White, executive director of Health IT Now, a coalition of patient groups, provider organizations, employers and payers that supports incentives to deploy health IT to improve care and provider performance. We need to attend to some basic infrastructure issues as […]
  • A Few Thoughts on the Enduring Relevance of the Words and Example of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Recently, I had the great privilege of sharing my thoughts and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. with my colleagues at the Society of Medical Administrators (SOMA). For those who are interested, I am sharing a copy of my 2015 SOMA Martin Luther King, Jr. Talk with you.
  • We Need To Get More Out Of Our Investment In Clinical Research

    Recently, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies released their report titled “Sharing Clinical Trial Data: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Risk”. Data sharing is critical to advancing scientific discovery and clinical care. Relatedly, there is a lot of information that is never published or made available to researchers outside of specific study teams. This report comes at a vital time and […]
  • The Milken Institute Challenges America to “Drink Different”

    I’d like to share a recently released report from the Milken Institute titled “Drink Different: Feasible Strategies to Reduce Obesity” by Anusuya Chatterjee and Sindhu Kubendran. As stated on their website, “Each day, Americans make choices about what they will eat and drink. Often, these are unhealthy ones, contributing to a national obesity rate of more than 33 percent. Lowering this rate is key […]