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  • Take A Look At The CDC’s “6 Things You Need to Know About This Flu Season”

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this season’s influenza activity has been extreme and most of the United States continues to experience intense and widespread flu activity. There have been record-breaking levels of influenza-like-illness and hospitalization rates recorded. The CDC’s article titled “6 Things You Need to Know About This Flu Season”, highlights some important facts […]
  • Take A Look At The National Academy Of Medicine’s Spotlight Video Series: “Communities Driving Health Equity”!

    Please take the time to watch the new documentary video series released by The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) on February 6, 2018, titled “Communities Driving Health Equity”, which spotlights local organizations across the U.S., which are advancing health equity for their communities by addressing the environmental, social, economic, and structural challenges that may impact residents’ health. As stated by NAM: […]