A Great Organization To Learn More About: The Genetic Alliance

Take a minute to learn more about a vital advocacy organization, the Genetic Alliance, which was founded by my colleague and friend, Sharon Terry, their President and CEO. Sharon and her staff have been doing great work for years with their assistance in providing awareness to individuals, families and communities to transform health and provide access to quality genetic services that can be critical to comprehensive healthcare.

The Genetic Alliances’ VISION is key to their goals and organizational foundation:

  • Individuals and families need and deserve opportunities to be active participants in health, from services in traditional health settings to groundbreaking research endeavors.
  • Genetic Alliance is resolute that people come first. We partner with individuals and communities to transform health systems to respond to what people most need.
  • We convene powerful networks, deliver actionable information, build intuitive tools, and drive policy decisions.

You can learn more about The Genetic Alliance by signing up for their weekly bulletin, which provides resources and information that can educate and empower all of us who are experiencing a genetic-based disorder or who have family and friends who need support.