Breaking News On Cigarettes: MORE Addictive … MORE Attractive … and MORE Deadly!

CFTK 800The latest report from The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids titled “Designed for Addiction: How the Tobacco Industry Has Made Cigarettes More Addictive, More Attractive to Kids and Even More Deadly” confirms what some have suspected: today’s cigarettes are more addictive, more attractive to kids and more deadly than 50 years ago. Smokers today, including the 2.7 million kids throughout the United States who currently smoke, are at far greater risk than ever before.

In the 50 years since the first Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health, we have made enormous progress. But tobacco use remains the nation’s number one cause of preventable, premature death. Cigarette smoking takes an even greater toll on health, lives and dollars than we thought.

How can a product as harmful as cigarettes get any worse?

Here’s how – today’s cigarettes have:


  • Increased nicotine levels to ensure addiction.
  • Added ammonia, which speeds up the delivery of nicotine to the brain.
  • Added sugars, which make inhaling smoother and easier and makes nicotine more addictive.
  • Added organic acid salts and flavors like licorice and chocolate mask harshness of smoke and make products more appealing to kids.


Please take a minute to review the report from The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids who advocate every day for strong regulations to prevent the industry from hooking the next generation.