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Dr. Reed Tuckson


Over my 35+ years as a health professional, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in nearly every sector of health and medical care. And whether it was when I was Commissioner of Public Health and Executive VP and Chief of Medical Affairs of UnitedHealth Group, I was always intensely aware that the challenges facing the health of our nation were serious.

The question remains: How do we work together to improve our quality of life? We start by assembling all available assets; engaging in best health behaviors and sharing innovations in both prevention and medical care delivery.

More to the point, this site’s sole purpose is to connect me with each and every one of you. A perfect opportunity to bring a wide range of ideas and people together, introducing crucial, thought-provoking ideas from a wide range of sources. But what I’m especially excited about is to provide you with a forum, allowing you to bring your own stories and ideas to the table.

My hope is that you’ll visit often and contribute much.