Got Five Minutes for Better Health? Check Out the CDC’s New Five Minute Health Tips!

Five MinutesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a great webpage which features weekly health tips which take five minutes or less to to help all of us to be healthier and safe!

The “Five Minutes or Less for Health Weekly Tips” cover a wide range of topics including adults and children … all you have to do is take the few minutes weekly to peruse the helpful and informative weekly health tip and apply it to you and your family!  Take a look at the topics covered in September through year-end 2014:


  • Gearing-up for School
  • Eat More Fruits and Veggies
  • Be Active
  • Know Gynecologic Cancer Signs


  • Teach Kids Healthy Habits
  • Check for Breast Cancer
  • Assess Your Relationships
  • Be Safe on Halloween


  • Be Smoke-Free
  • Check Alarm Batteries
  • Know Your Family History
  • Keep Foods Safe
  • Get an HIV Test


  • Wash Hands
  • Stay Warm
  • Have a Healthier Holiday
  • Don’t Drink and Drive

Additionally, the CDC has also provided “One Minute or Less for Health”  and “More Than Five Minutes and Worth It” tips for you to explore … these tips fit all schedules … no matter how busy we are!!

Everyone can find at least one minute, five minutes, or more than five minutes to explore health advice and tips to enhance your health and safety and that of your family and friends!