Learn More About NIH’s “All of Us” Research Program to Advance Precision Medicine!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced their national launch of the All of Us Research Program, which will take place on May 6, 2018. The All of Us mission is to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.  The consortium formed and began its work in July 2016 under the leadership of Eric Dishman, building on the blueprint developed by the ACD Precision Medicine Initiative Working Group.

In less than two years, the program has made tremendous strides toward its goal to partner with one million or more people across the United States to provide the most diverse biomedical data resource of its kind. All of Us will make this resource available to all researchers, enabling them to gain better insights into the biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that—separately and combined—influence health and disease. Importantly, All of Us aims to build a participant community that reflects the rich diversity of the U.S. and to integrate a broad set of data types. By doing so, researchers will gain a greater understanding of the individual differences that affect health.

Please take a moment to read about this important moment in the history of the National Institutes of Health, and share with your stakeholders the good news about the future of health.