Let Me Introduce You To An Amazing Organization Doing Important Work: EVERMORE!

EVERMOREI want to share some information with you about a marvelous organization founded by my colleague and friend, Joyal Mulheron, called EVERMORE. As a parent who has experienced the loss of a child, Joyal created this organization to provide support to parents and families who have lost a child, regardless of age or cause of death, and share information, resources and tools to help them regain a sense of purpose and peace after such a devastating experience.

As stated on EVERMORE’s website:

“No two experiences are the same.  No two losses are the same.  There is no uniform road to hope and resilience.  What may work for you is different than what works for another.  What works for you on Monday may not work on Tuesday. The path is yours alone to construct.

EVERMORE is working to knit together both a philosophy for our society and a promise to our parents and families that our work will create a safety net of local support and national action to marshal both societal compassion and individual altruistic sentiment to be there for parents and families in a genuine, constructive way.

We honor, respect, and support your journey by providing access to quality resources and networks that are there for you when you want them, at any time, on any day.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.  The choice is yours.”

Given my own personal experiences in dealing with the devastating loss of my adult son, Kobie, I was honored when Joyal asked me to serve on EVERMORE’s Advisory Board. I respect and admire Joyal’s and EVERMORE’s thoughtful and diligent efforts to create and actualize a holistic societal support system, which implements systematic policies that support parents and families during a time of such deep pain, and advance the science of parent and family bereavement.

Please remember EVERMORE’s promise: each day we are working to give parents a reason to hope, again.