POLITICO Highlights America’s Health Rankings – Spotlight: Prevention Report

Politico LogoI thought I’d share a brief article on Politico, which highlighted the release of America’s Health Rankings – Spotlight: Prevention Report:

OUT TODAY: STATE RANKINGS ON PREVENTIVE CARE. The report, the first in a new series of America’s Health Rankings that will go deeper on discrete state-by-state outcomes, drilling down on differences in access, immunizations and disease prevention. And unsurprisingly, there’s considerable variation: Childhood immunizations rates ranged from 84.7 percent in Maine to 63.4 percent in West Virginia, for example. The report is available here.

Reed Tuckson: The report again reveals our ‘Two Americas.’ Tuckson, the longtime UnitedHealth executive who advises the rankings, told PULSE that the report illustrates the “intolerable” disparities that stem from race, income, education and geography. “In many ways, we have Two Americas, when it comes to our overall healthiness,” he said.

Tuckson also called for more research into the clinical effectiveness of public health interventions. “We are focused so much today on the access to care,” he added. “We have to ask ourselves, access to what.”