Reed Tuckson, MD is New President of the American Telemedicine Association

ATA LogoI am very proud to share with you that on May 5th, I became the new President of the American Telemedicine Association!

My focus over the next year will include the following key priorities:


1. Enhancing access to care through expanding urban and rural broadband coverage by: resolving inappropriate interstate licensure prohibitions; removing artificial practice barriers for online prescribing; and expanding Medicare coverage for telemedicine services.

2. Enhancing the value of telehealth service delivery by: facilitating physician leadership, and their professional societies, to integrate telemedicine into clinical practice; connecting hospital leaders to the best thinkers and innovators; disseminating “best practices” and facilitating “learning laboratories”; advancing telehealth services interoperability with EMRs; expanding clinical guidelines and appropriateness criteria; advancing the ATA’s “safe online health” accreditation program for patient online consultations; supporting an appropriate regulatory environment for telehealth; working with national performance assessment leaders for telehealth practice evaluation; and assessing patient satisfaction with telehealth care delivery.

3. Advancing appropriate reimbursement for telehealth by: supporting relevant ROI calculations for multiple stakeholders; facilitating closer engagement with the health insurer community; and addressing CPT coding gaps.

4. Advancing telehealth capabilities as a key tool in the nation’s clinical research armamentarium.


For a more in depth perspective of how I see the role of telehealth in facilitating the modern practice of medicine, I invite you look at my MedCityNews interview with Neil Versel titled “New ATA President Tuckson Calls Telehealth Mainstream”.

As a reminder: remember to mark your calendars for the “ATA 2015 Fall Forum” on September 16-18, 2015, in Washington, DC and next year’s “ATA 2016: 21st Annual Telemedicine Meeting and Trade Show” on May 14-17, 2016, in Minneapolis! I look forward to seeing you there!