Take A Look At The National Academy Of Medicine’s Spotlight Video Series: “Communities Driving Health Equity”!

Please take the time to watch the new documentary video series released by The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) on February 6, 2018, titled “Communities Driving Health Equity”, which spotlights local organizations across the U.S., which are advancing health equity for their communities by addressing the environmental, social, economic, and structural challenges that may impact residents’ health.

As stated by NAM:

“These videos show that, while challenges are numerous, progress is possible when community members, organizations, funders, and policymakers work together to drive local-level solutions that improve health equity and well-being for all.

The three communities featured in the series include:

People United for Sustainable Housing Buffalo (PUSH Buffalo), a local membership-based community organization fighting to make affordable housing a reality in West Buffalo, NY.

Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (IndyCAN), now Faith in Indiana, a catalyst for marginalized peoples and faith communities to act collectively for racial and economic equity throughout the state of Indiana.

Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services (KKV), a federally-qualified health center in Honolulu, HI that works to foster health in the broadest sense—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

NAM hopes that these videos will inspire you to think about how your community can drive change and take steps to support similar efforts where you live, work, and play.

Our nation’s health depends largely on the health and well-being of its communities, but many of them don’t have adequate access to jobs, safe and affordable housing, health care, green space, healthy food options, and other things they need to thrive. While biology, genetics, and individual behaviors play a role in people’s health, the socially-driven conditions in which one lives—often referred to as “social determinants of health”—influence and limit individuals’ choices. By taking on these health-limiting factors and developing solutions with partners, communities can help empower residents to grasp their full health potential.”

You can watch the Series now!