Telemedicine’s Challenge: Integrating Telemedicine Visits Into Patient Records For Continuous Care!

Politico LogoThis year’s ATA 2016 events and activities currently taking place in Minneapolis, MN have, as anticipated, been extremely exiting and informative!  As President of the American Telemedicine Association, please see my quote noted in today’s POLITICO issue of Morning eHealth:

TELEMEDICINE’S BIGGEST OBSTACLE: Integrating telemedicine visits into patient records remains one of the biggest challenges facing telemedicine, President Reed Tuckson and other experts agreed in the opening plenary of his American Telemedicine Association’s meeting in Minneapolis. Without it, care will continue to take place piecemeal from one doctor to the next without a continuous record. “I cannot report to you that we have been successful in this area this year, but nobody else has either,” Tuckson said.