• I Hope To See You At The Genetic Alliance’s 30th Anniversary Conference And Celebration

    I am looking forward to participating at the Genetic Alliance’s 30th Anniversary Conference and Celebration on March 9-10, 2017, in Bethesda, MD. People are invited to join the Genetic Alliance to “celebrate the successes, examine the failures, and most importantly, plan for the future. Always keeping individuals and families at the center, we will enable cross-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder teams to co-create […]
  • FasterCures Releases Workshop Report on Value and Coverage

    FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute, recently released an important report that will be of great interest to those who are concerned with getting value-based innovations into the delivery system. Value and Coverage: How Reimbursement Decisions Impact Innovations Needed to Improve Health,  articulates findings and recommendations from a workshop convened in July, 2013, at which I was pleased to […]
  • New IOM Related Report is Worthy of Attention For Data and Performance Improvement Readers

    The recently released “Return on Information: A Standard Model for Assessing Institutional Return on Electronic Health Records” is worthy of your attention. The product of collaboration between the IOM’s Digital Learning Collaborative and the Healthcare Financial Managers Association, the authors propose what I consider to be a useful evaluation model to calculate the financial implications, benefits, and costs of implementing […]
  • iHT2 Interview on Innovations in Health Information Technology

    As a faculty member for the Institute’s Health IT Summit in Seattle, on August 21-22, 2013, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on how Health IT can improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care delivery.  Click here to read the full interview.  
  • Innovation in Healthcare is Critical: Here’s an Opportunity to Support Federally Funded Research!

    Recently, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reclassified R&D costs from an “expense” to an “investment” when calculating GDP.  Innovators in the private sector understand that R&D is an investment and it’s time that it gets accounted as such by the federal government in its budgeting priorities. 165 University Presidents and Chancellors have now called for the President and Congress to […]
  • For Those Who Care About Closing the Disparities Gap: Check-out This Research!America Poll

    Minority healthcare suffers from disgraceful deficiencies in the scientific basis of clinical care.  A big part of the problem has been an absence of adequate clinical research.  This new poll from Research!America is useful in dispelling some myths regarding minority populations’ willingness to participate in clinical trials. “The poll reveals a willingness among minorities to participate in clinical trials to […]
  • We All Need to Care About Supporting Research

    The tremendous progress that has been made in medical care delivery is a direct result of our nation’s investment in health related research.  In 2011, according to Research!America, biomedical and health R&D spending (all sources) declined by more than $4 billion or 3 percent.  Each of us has a vital stake in the continued advancement of innovations that, when used […]
  • My Viewpoint on the Affordability, Diffusion and Disparities on Genetic Medicine

    Advances in the understanding of the genome, combined with affordable sequencing techniques and innovations in drug development, are ushering in an era of molecular diagnostics and individualized therapeutics with the potential to meaningfully enhance human health through effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. As the genetic origins of many diseases become better understood, risks and prognoses can be assessed based upon […]
  • Precision Medicine: Really Important Stuff

    I’m really excited about precision medicine which means utilizing the advancement in Genetics to provide people with personally appropriate health care interventions.  The UC of San Francisco recently brought together some of the most interesting thinkers in this field.  And I had the pleasure of participating. Learn more about MeForYou, visit
  • Transform 2012

    Reed Tuckson, M.D., executive vice president and chief of medical affairs, UnitedHealth Group, works with the company’s diverse business units to improve the quality and efficiency of heath services provided to the 75 million members served by UnitedHealth worldwide. Dr. Tuckson discusses improving health care in the era of “big data.” The data and analytics available today, Dr. Tuckson says, […]