Health Policy

  • A State-by-State Analysis of the Overall Healthiness of Seniors in America

    America’s senior population will grow by more than 50% in the next 15 years.  Nearly 80% of seniors have at least one chronic health condition, 50% have two or more and 30% have four chronic conditions.  This report is the first to offer a comprehensive analysis of senior health both national and state levels to help guide locally specific and […]
  • 2012 America’s Health Rankings Reveals We Are Living Longer But Living Sicker

    This year’s report is important because it provides vital information on the overall healthiness of the nation, based upon a state-by-state analysis.  It reveals important data utilizing 23 measures of overall healthiness that concern the intimate connection between personal health behaviors, the community environments in which we live and work, the policy decisions made by elected and public officials, and […]
  • My Viewpoint on the Affordability, Diffusion and Disparities on Genetic Medicine

    Advances in the understanding of the genome, combined with affordable sequencing techniques and innovations in drug development, are ushering in an era of molecular diagnostics and individualized therapeutics with the potential to meaningfully enhance human health through effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. As the genetic origins of many diseases become better understood, risks and prognoses can be assessed based upon […]
  • Health Literacy: A 21st Century Asset

    With a fast changing health care system, students need knowledge and skills to allow them to move successfully into adulthood. By building their heal literacy, educators can help to ensure that they have both. Health literacy is the capacity to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services and the competence to use such information and services in ways […]
  • Transform 2012

    Reed Tuckson, M.D., executive vice president and chief of medical affairs, UnitedHealth Group, works with the company’s diverse business units to improve the quality and efficiency of heath services provided to the 75 million members served by UnitedHealth worldwide. Dr. Tuckson discusses improving health care in the era of “big data.” The data and analytics available today, Dr. Tuckson says, […]