We Can’t Take Food Safety For Granted!

FDA Four Steps to Food SafetyWe all know that healthy eating is key to our overall healthiness. While most of us are learning to be very attentive to what and how much we eat, too often we take the safety of our food for granted. I just studied the U.S. Food & Drug Administration article, “Safe Food Handling: What You Need to Know” and realized that I’m one of those people. I spend most of my time thinking about the complexities involved with the organization and financing of healthcare delivery; innovations in biotechnology; new developments in telehealth; community and individual prevention and wellness initiatives; and data analytics and interconnectivity. Now, I will remember to stop taking for granted the basic and important issue of food safety.

I urge you to take a few minutes to read this informative article to learn more about handling and preparing food safely, not only for yourself, but for your family and friends as well! The FDA’s “Food Facts” two page document is a great reference of recommended food safety preparation practices to follow …  print it out for your home and share it with others!

(Image Credit: FDA)