Why Aren’t Millions of Americans Getting Preventive Care?

STAT LogoI want to share an article with you, which was recently published by STAT that Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, President of the American College of Preventive Medicine, and I authored titled, “Why aren’t millions of Americans getting preventive care?”.

The article highlights United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Spotlight: Prevention, released in partnership with the American College of Preventive of Medicine, which revealed troubling disparities in access to recommended preventive care. The Report analyzed prevention measures across all 50 states and looked at prevention through the lenses of access to health care, immunizations, and efforts to prevent chronic disease.

As quoted in the article:

“To address disparities in disease prevention, we must first focus on providing high-quality, affordable care that truly meets people where they are. That could mean house calls for seniors, urgent care centers for busy moms, or bringing mobile medical clinics to schools, parks, and community centers.

Access alone won’t bridge the gap. People need more support and education about the importance of prevention and how to successfully navigate the complex health care system. Clinicians need help, too, in the form of tools that support their delivery of evidence-based preventive care. It’s also important for the public health community to continue looking at the big picture by monitoring the use of preventive services and highlighting both best practices and disparities.

These findings should serve as a call to action for the public and private sector, for public health professionals and clinicians, and for individuals and communities.”